February 2018


If you have ever wondered what is involved in a Sports Outreach short-term missions trip, keep reading to see how these trips literally “get off the ground.”

<<>> First, relationships are built with leaders or group of people from a church, university, or organization. These particular groups might be looking to expand their ministry, give financially to a certain project (and/or take part in seeing the project built or “in action”), or desire to physically help people. Another reason to send a team could be to provide a broader life experience for their members or present an opportunity to share the Gospel with people who have never heard there is a God who loves them.

<<>> Next, willingness of a Sports Outreach ministry site like Uganda, Kenya, El Salvador, or Mexico, to host a mission team is verified and good dates for a team to visit is settled (and they are always willing!).

<<>> Trip details are then coordinated between the trip team leader, Sports Outreach’s trip coordinator (Catherine Adams since 2012), and the on-the-field trip coordinator. A trip itinerary is confirmed by all the parties involved, airfare/trip costs are determined and a budget is set. Support letters begin to go out to potential donors, and the tracking of funds coming in commences. Most years Sports Outreach hosts between 15 and 20 trips with approximately 200 people being sent to serve.

<<>> Much time and prayer goes into each trip in order to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the people going, and ensure the most meaningful impact with those served.  The Sports Outreach staff stands in awe as we watch God provide funds for the trip takers to go, keep them safe as they travel, and cause deep connections to form between them and the nationals.

Now that you’ve learned a bit about what goes into a Sports Outreach short-term trip, maybe you would like to experience one for yourself (if you haven’t already). To learn just how impactful a Sports Outreach trip can be, read 2014 trip taker Paul McDonald’s book “Called to Follow” (WestBow Press, 2016). 

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