Sports is probably the most universal language in the world. Sports have a unique ability to break down economic, political, racial, language, and faith barriers drawing people of all walks of life to the game.
At Sports Outreach, we believe that God is our GM (General Manager).  As a part of God’s team, we each strive to be the best coach of our own soul through the spiritual disciplines of studying the Word, praying, worshipping, and seeking God’s purpose for our lives. As sports ministers, our disciplines come in the form of a 3Ts and 3Ds model of ministry.



Coaches initially STEP ON the field with community members providing TRAINING in sports skills and character development, building TRUSTING relationships, and sharing the TRUTH of the Gospel.



As relationships continue to develop, coaches STEP OFF the field to engage DEEPER into lives, to meet emotional, practical, spiritual needs through DISCIPLESHIP, and to equip individuals for the purpose of DEPLOYING the next generation of servant leaders.


The game plan

Sports Outreach can serve as your church’s local and global extension for achieving the Great Commission. 

This is how you can join the game:

*Help train, equip, and deploy local sports ministers throughout your church and community.

*Send short-term teams to experience sports ministry on the mission field.

*Provide ongoing resources to support sports ministry initiatives by partnering with us.

*Provide interns for domestic or international service opportunities.

*Commit to pray for the local and global communities being served.

Process Your Partnership Now


Sal Ferlise // CEO

work: 434-582-4707

cell: 434-401-5149

email: sferlise@sportsoutreach.net


Steve Gardner // Relationship Advocate

work: 434-582-4707

email: sgardner@sportsoutreach.net



Cat Adams // Outreach Trip Coordinator

work: 434-582-4707

email: cadams@sportsoutreach.net



Rich Riehl // Southeast Director

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email: rriehl@sportsoutreach.net



Kendall Alvey // Head Sports Ministry Coach

work: 434-582-4707

email: kalvey@sportsoutreach.net



Steve Clark // Waco, TX Coach

work: 434-582-4707

email: sclark@sportsoutreach.net



Steve Long // Dallas/Ft. Worth Coach

work: 434-582-4707

email: sdlong@sbcglobal.net



Ed Pulkinen // South Carolina & Georgia Coach

work: 434-582-4707

email: epulkinen@sportsoutreach.net



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