At Sports Outreach, we provide opportunities for individuals to serve God through participation in local programs, short-term mission trips (10 days to 2 weeks), and internships (3 months to 1 year). If you believe God is calling you to serve, but for more than a couple of weeks, then stay right here.  Sports Outreach serves both domestically and internationally which provides multiple types of internship opportunities.  Read through the options below and feel free to contact us for more information!

Domestic Internship Opportunities

Our international headquarters is located in Lynchburg, VA where we have a variety of internship positions available throughout the year for college and post-graduate.

Summer Internship

Our summer soccer internship is an opportunity to be a missionary right where you are. By partnering with the local church, we share God’s love with communities all around Virginia through the avenue of sports. As a summer intern, you will be trained in sports ministry and then serve as a youth soccer coach as we run camps in various contexts and settings. By the time the internship concludes, you will be equipped to use your new skill-set for the glory of God in your own community and beyond!

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Vision Trip Internship

The Outreach Trip Intern will serve to support the Outreach Trip Coordinator with his/her tasks and responsibilities, which will greatly improve the impact of outreach trips and deepen the relationships with trip participants and trip leaders.

Women’s Empowerment Ministry Assistant

To Promote the Mission and Vision of the Women Empowerment ministry initiative with the overall goal of creating a movement of women who are mobilized to grow in Victorious living and support other young women in their practical, emotional and spiritual development.

The Timothy Project

The Timothy Program is designed for those young campers aging out of the camp experience. The purpose is to continue to engage these youth in sports ministry through the camp environment. We believe this will encourage them to stay connected to Sports Outreach, and their home churches as well as learn how to love and serve their community.

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International Internship Opportunities

Africa Mission Field

Our Africa internship program is available in Gulu, Uganda. Our ministry in Gulu is anchored on a 40-acre farm and community center in northern Uganda. Interns serving in Gulu will live on the 40 acre Koro Farm, the Good News Community Center (GNCC). They will be provided a bed in a small house with other staff members at Koro. Interns will be matched up with Sports Outreach leadership at GNCC and serve under their supervision. Interns will be able to participate in daily devotions, cooking, cleaning, gardening, counseling/mentoring, discipleship, sports ministry and public health programs—all of which occurs at the GNCC. There will be occasional opportunities for the interns to serve with staff members in area villages. Interns can focus their spiritual gifts and talents and ministerial calls into specific areas but will be immersed in the Ugandan culture and daily living. Internships at GNCC can expand upon approval, from 3 to 12 months in length. Our staff can handle 1-2 interns at a time and the total number per year will vary depending on the duration of intern programs. This internship is hard, servant work, but is very rewarding.

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International intern serving in El Salvador, Summer 2017.

Latin America Mission Field

Our Latin America internship program is available in Ometepec, Mexico. Our ministry in Ometepec has developed around full-time SOI missionaries Tim and Barbara Wood. They are deeply anchored in the Ometepec community leading a church and a school. Tim and Barbara also oversee a sports ministry program. Interns will live in the home of Tim and Barb, which is near the church and school. Interns will be able to participate in daily devotions, church activities, church planting, discipleship, sports ministry and teaching English (upper grades). Interns with a desire to teach English are strongly encouraged to apply. Our staff can handle 1-2 interns at a time and the total number per year will vary depending on the duration of intern programs.

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Internship Expenses

Our internships are nonpaid and self-supporting. The internship expenses will depend on the location serving. International interns are generally required to raise funds to cover all in-country needs (food, lodging, water, transportation), appropriate visa fees, insurance, airfare, and emergency/personal funds. Additionally, interns will be provided the opportunity to raise their own support for a stipend. If an intern doesn’t have experience raising support, the internship committee will guide him or her through the process.

If you are interested in an internship with Sports Outreach Institute at any of our locations, please complete the application at the link below. If you have any specific questions about our internship opportunities, please contact our office at

Upon receipt of your application, a staff member will respond to your inquiry and an internship committee will process your request and access our needs before making a decision.

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