For Sports Outreach feeding is just as important as clean sources of water. The communities where we serve have neither reliable nor consistent sources of clean water and food on a daily basis.


In Uganda and Kenya, our ministry staff prepares and serves warm and nutritious meals every day to over 1,200 children. The cost for one of these meals is approximately $0.30. During mealtime, the staff is able to teach the children about Christ, share biblical principles and provide counsel to those who have special needs. 


Sports Outreach constructs new water wells in Northern Uganda through partnerships with churches and families in America.  Shared by an entire village, a well becomes the foundation for the transformation of that community.

Sustainability and Duplication

Sustainability is crucial to being able to provide meals consistently to communities. Sports Outreach has a 42-acre ministry center in Northern Uganda. The Good News Community Center (GNCC) at Koro Farm is a successful demonstration farm providing agricultural and animal husbandry training to hundreds of individuals each year. The GNCC at Koro Farm has become a model in the area and it is the hope of Sports Outreach to replicate this in the Kampala Ministry Center.

If you would like to learn more about our feeding program, how to get involved, take a mission trip to the area, or have knowledge in farming that you could share, contact us today and let’s see how we can partner together!

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