The mission of Sports Outreach is to train, equip and deploy committed Christian leaders in the effective use of sports ministry for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and the alleviate human suffering.

Sports Outreach is intentional to see that our mission, initiatives and staff embraces and incorporates strategies that are: Practical. Sustainable. Burden Lifting.

Creating a sustainable income for the families in the communities where we serve is beneficial for the young and old. Sports Outreach is constantly striving to create opportunities and train in skills such as construction, farming, animal husbandry, mechanics, teaching, baking, hairdressing, and jewelry making to name a few. 

The goal is to empower these individuals as they learn their new trade. Additionally, Sports Outreach provides micro-business loans to participants of the vocational training programs, further growing confidence as these men and women venture out to start their own businesses. Currently, we have vocational training in all of our international mission fields: Uganda (Gulu and Kampala), Kenya, El Salvador, Mexico, and India.

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