“It’s the repetition of affirmation that leads to belief.  And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”  – Muhammed Ali –


Just twelve years ago Sports Outreach opened Kirombe Center in Gulu, Uganda.  Times were desperate, fill of war and unrest, but each day nearly 400 children came to the tiny center seeking food and hope.  After each activity – whether meals, sports or counseling, the same Gospel message of love and healing was shared over and over by the Sports Outreach staff. 

Fast forward to May 2016.  I am back in Kirombe walking between some huts and I spot Huruna, Sissy, and Evelyn.  They were all there in 2004, afraid and without hope, but had often heard God’s message of love and healing.  They are now young adults and what they were doing humbled me. 




Huruna, a Muslim, had received an education (through help from Sports outreach), learned to playchess from Sports Outreach leader Robert Katende, and had found his hope in the often heard Christian message.  There he was, under a tree, sharing the same message of hope, love, and healing that they  had first heard at Kirombe in 2004.  


This time I also met another student – Matthew.  Matthew is deaf and mute, but he is also a chess champion!  In a  place where physical disability is often met with isolation, Matthew sat surrounded by dozens of friends, and is now being mentored by Huruna.  He now believes in himself, manages to teach chess, and is also changing the way people view disability, which is what Muhammad Ali did so effectively in his later years while battling Parkinson’s disease. 

cliff playingThrough your faithful prayers and support Sports Outreach can continue to come alongside people like Huruna and Matthew, sharing the eternal message of hope and love.  Donations may be sent by check in the enclosed envelope or you by clicking the DONATE button  at the top of our website.  

Blessings, Rodney