Here is the latest from Uganda, provided by our indigenous staff there.

General conditions:

  • A strict lockdown has been imposed until April 14. No public or private transportation is allowed to move on the streets, except for cargo vehicles. people are to stay at home except to go out for essentials.
  • There is much fear and uncertainty among the general population, related to food security, basic survival and what to do should they encounter someone who is ill.
  • Shopkeepers at food markets are required to live at their market stalls rather than risk going back and forth to their homes.

SOI Ministry:

  • The ministry work in both Kampala and Gulu is on hold except for cases where direct interaction is not causing a high risk. Most of our staff are at their homes, praying, planning, and investing time in preparing to continue ministry when the restrictions are lifted.
  • Girls who had recently come to Christine’s house (Girls Rescue Home) in Gulu have had to return to their families or guardians.  The staff there have worked out ways to continue their counseling as best they can, using phones.
  • Some construction at the Katwe Chess Center and Sports Outreach Resource Center does continue but this may change due to additional restrictions.
  • Churches in the NFCM church network are not meeting, but there are limited small house meetings occurring on Sundays with strict hygiene protocols in place.

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom for our leaders and staff to provide an appropriate response to help people, while at the same time maintaining their personal safety and that of others.
  • Guidance as our staff plan next steps.
  • Food supplies in Uganda to remain stable.
  • Avoidance of major crisis or instability, as people are very scared and worried about their basic survival needs.

Something Encouraging!

Our partner New Foundations Community Ministries has planted 15 churches in Northern Uganda.  On March 22, they did not have corporate worship, opting to meet in small cell groups in homes.  Here’s an encouraging word from one of the leaders in a small village church after one of these meetings:

“I just wanted to tell you how our home church was, we had a wonderful time of reading and sharing scriptures and from each Scripture the insights we got were amazing and then I realized from 2 Chronicles 7:14 that when we repent and humble ourselves and turn away from our evil then God will forgive us but then not everyone will know that so as Christians we are to stand on behalf of others.

“Then Revelation 3:1 was an opener to almost all of us who were there we asked ourselves are we alive or dead, are we doing the right thing does God see us alive or we are pretending to be alive.

“Then we agreed to start a cell fellowship on Tuesdays from 4:40 pm to 5:40pm for an hour and I will be leading so I will always request for more scriptures from you for us to share in our cell group. 

“I was really blessed and I even wished that everyone will realize that they are the church and it’s not about the building. I was really blessed as we shared and after I even asked myself where I got the words to explain the scriptures. 

“God bless you and I pray for all our churches to understand and adopt to the idea of home churches and revive the home cells. Have a blessed day.”