October 2018

Dear Friends,

In the sports world, championships don’t just happen—they require hard work, perseverance, and continual improvement.  Likewise, in the world of sports ministry, God-inspired growth requires everyone going “above and beyond” in their efforts, and to do this, we need your help.  Whether you are a veteran supporter or a rookie, let’s rally together to realize a championship victory.  We believe that Sports Outreach is poised to reach a championship level, but we cannot do it without you.  Our goal of raising $250,000 is attainable and will significantly help the ministry grow.
With God as the source of our success, just look at some of what has taken place in recent years. 
·      Sports programs are thriving as our staff initially step on the field with community members providing sports TRAINING, sharing the TRUTH of the Gospel, and building TRUSTING relationships. As relationships develop, our staff step off the field to go DEEPER into lives through mentoring—to meet emotional, practical, and spiritual needs through DISCIPLESHIP, and to equip people for the purpose of DEPLOYING the next generation of servant leaders.
·      In the field of education, the Andrew Popp Memorial Scholarship Fund is growing and helping to send children to school.  Consequently, young adults graduating from university, leading productive lives in their communities, and giving back to the next generation.
·      People are being empowered through a new vocational school in the Gulu region of northern Uganda.  In El Salvador children and youth are being coached away from a life of gang violence. South Sudanese refugees are being tended to near Uganda’s northern border, and in both Mexico and Uganda, churches are being planted and strengthened.  In Nairobi, Kenya, 1600 children are provided two meals a day in one of the worst slums on earth. 
Sports Outreach dreams of fielding a championship team, drawing people onto the playing field of hope and transformation, through God’s love in action.  We dream of having the funds to not only play competitively by strengthening our current programs, but also to have enough funding to play at an even higher level.  The needs are real and the players are waiting on the sidelines to get into the game. Now is the time to move the ball down the field and score!  The goal of $250,000 is not beyond our grasp.  With your “above and beyond” gift, sent by December 31, 2018, we can be victorious!
Championship bound,

The Sports Outreach Ministry Team

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