January 2017

Dear Friends,
     Thanks to you in 2016 Sports Outreach has served over 85,000 people, with many hearing the Gospel for the first time!  On behalf of them, thank you for providing food, education, vocational training, community restoration, and dignity! What a tremendous difference your prayers, volunteering of time and talent, encouragement, and financial support have made. Individuals such as Estelle (a mother of four in Gulu, Uganda) have received help from Sports Outreach for three years and now has a productive farm, is able to send all of her children to school, and is completely self-sufficient. The Kampala Resource Center, although less than 60% complete is functioning and serving at a high capacity. The chess programs in Uganda, Kenya,  El Salvador, and Lynchburg, Virginia grew to reach 1,850 children! Without your help, and a faithful God, none of this would have been possible.

There are many stories like Estelle’s waiting to be written! Thank you for the generous support that makes these stories a reality. As we are all preparing for this joyous Christmas season, Sports Outreach is praying for a successful End-of-the-Year Campaign. As you know, despite a shortfall of $140,000 in 2016, great fruit was born and many lives were touched on a daily basis! Sports Outreach has set a goal to raise $200,000 in the month of December, and we are well on our way! As of December 10, 2016, we have received just over $74,000.  By reaching this goal we will have the funds necessary to cover the shortfall and an additional $60,000 to start 2017.


     Would you be willing to make a special year-end donation to help us meet our goal and continue to expand our effort to “Restore Hope and Transform Lives?”

     We realize you get inundated with requests at this time of the year, but the fact is, the work simply cannot be done without your support and prayers.  Again, we thank you for your partnership with Sports Outreach this past year and we look forward to a prosperous 2017!


With Gratitude,

The Sports Outreach Ministry Team
P.S. Donations must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2016, in order to be eligible for a 2016 Tax Receipt. 

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