But the angel said to them, ‘Do not be afraid. I bring you Good News that will cause great joy for all the people!”


     Wow! What a message—promises good news and great joy for all people. A message our world hungers for.

     For many 2016 has been a year we could have easily echoed Job’s words; “For the thing that I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me” (Job 3:25). Political turmoil, sudden and terrifying killings, natural disasters and economic uncertainty on the national and international stage have many of us feeling less than joyful…longing for good news!

     Yes, we do live in a troubled world, a world at war with itself. It is so easy, in times like these, to feel helpless and to become negative both in word and deed. Many may wonder what they can do to possibly make things better.

     So, here’s a little good news to brighten your day—you’re already doing it! Through your partnership with Sports Outreach, individuals, families, and communities across the United States, Latin America, and Africa will go to sleep tonight knowing that their dreams of feeding their children, getting an education, wellness, job security and vocational training have been fulfilled!  We might not be able to fix the world, but together we are making a huge difference!

     Through your kindness, today, just over 5300 received food, 2600 children were able to attend school, 260 trained health workers ministered in local villages, 13 church plants prepared for worship, 2100 children participated in chess while another 5600 individuals received mentoring through sports and community Bible study. Despite the challenges of 2016 we have seen God work in powerful ways within and through Sports Outreach!

     So here’s a little more good news to encourage you this holiday season— In 2017 Sports Outreach has the potential to impact even more lives through your prayers and financial resources.  Our prayer is that you will continue to support our valued work, whose reach continues to grow as we are provided greater opportunity to serve the forgotten, abused, and poorest of the poor. Will you please continue to share in this great calling in 2017?

     So here’s one last piece of good news to encourage you as we welcome 2017—with a special end of the year gift you can help erase the economic deficit currently facing Sports Outreach. The last 18 months have seen a reduction in financial support resulting in a $140,000 shortfall in budget. If we are not able to recover these funds we will be forced to reduce rather than expand, fewer will be fed, fewer will receive an education, fewer will receive health care and sadly, fewer will receive the Good News and staff will face layoffs. Will you please consider a special year end gift to help meet this shortfall? Or perhaps become a monthly donor by donating here

     As Jesus counseled, “Let not your heart be troubled.” During this Christmas season be encouraged that together we are doing wonderful things, spreading the Good News and demonstrating that there is still goodness and joy in the world.

Merry Christmas!

Rodney L. Suddith, President