March 2018


The sports ministry program at Sports Outreach may have started with a ball almost 30 years ago, but in that time it has grown to encompass so much more. Yes, soccer matches are still played on dirt “pitches” (or muddy ones during rainy season), but now, should you go to our mission fields, you are likely to see scores of people playing chess, or an outreach team teaching basketball or volleyball skills.

We believe one reason God has blessed the sports ministry facet of the organization is because our vision has never wavered. Sports Outreach founder, Russ Carr, stated that “the purposes should parallel those of the church and should include evangelism, discipleship, and fellowship.”

This consistent vision has led to sports being proven to be one of the most effective relationship building tools for the sharing of God’s love and restoring hope to a hurting world.

Today the vision is shared in terms of “Stepping On the Field” (engaging in peoples’ lives through sharing truth, building trust, and training in sportsmanship and skills) and “Stepping Off the Field” (deepening relationships through mentoring and discipleship and then deploying people to reach out to others). CEO, Sal Ferlise, has recently likened the “Step On/Step Off” philosophy to a lightning rod, and reminds us that, “If you are passionate and authentic about your purpose and in this case, the greater mission purpose, you will attract individuals who will want to come alongside your work!”

As Sports Outreach continues to cast this vision, both globally and locally, we are confident that committed and passionate people will be drawn to partner with us.  Prayer, internships, child sponsorships, local outreach, trip participation, and special project involvement are a few of the ways to join our mission.  Sports ministry may have started with a ball, but it continues by God’s grace and through the faithfulness of people like you.


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