Christmas Season Camps Create Multiple Ministry Opportunities . . .


. . . in Awat Lela, Uganda,

For almost ten years now the team in Gulu has conducted a Trauma Care Camp in conjunction with Care Corps International.  Trauma counseling training is provided, followed by a Children’s Care Camp, which ministers to those severely impacted by the affects of war. This year’s camp was hosted for the first time in Awat Lela, a village outside of Gulu.  Aloysius and Esther Kyazze, who help facilitate the camp, reported that it “was very successful and life changing for many of the over 230 children who attended the camp, most of whom for the first time.”

. . . in Ometepec, Mexico,

Each year Tim and Barb Wood facilitate a Christmas Youth Camp near the end of December with the main focus being evangelism and discipleship.  This year’s camp, which is held on property near the beach, was attended by about 90 people—70 youth and 20 staff and crew.  Recreational time included surfing, canoeing in the lagoon, a little sailing, andof games.  All had a wonderful time seeing the stars and hearing the waves and one night they even played games in the moonlight.conferences [meetings] were well received, with some people accepting Christ into their life and many recommitting their lives to the Lord. According to the Woods “God really blessed and took care of us all.”


. . . in Gulu, Uganda

A year-end youth camp encounter was held at the Good News Community Center with the goal to strengthen the youth educational church ministry.  “Let Your Light Shine,” based on Mark 4:21, was the theme, with Esther Kyazze and other keynote speakers highlighting areas such as surrender, forgiveness, and godly character.  The camp was attended by 85 youths, over two-thirds of which were young women.  Leadership training, discipleship, evangelism, worship, prayer, counseling, and testimonies were some of the many activities made available.

Discipleship was done in small groups with trained facilitators.

The youth came from Pugwiny village, Lagutu, Lajwatek, Acoyo, Awat Lela, Koro Abili, Katoli, Aywee, Abwoch and Onang village.


. . . and Bringing Christ to the Slums of Nairobi

 Sports Outreach ministries in Nairobi, Kenya are particularly busy during the Christmas season, whether at soccer tournaments, facilitating parent meetings for the Empower Me Child Sponsorship Program, or hosting community Christmas parties.  This past December children from Mukuru slum were invited to a Christmas party where the theme was “To know Christ and to make Him known.”  Over 350 children attended and took part in singing, dancing, and drama, in addition to be served a delicious meal.


First Photo from “The Queen of Katwe” Movie (

Disney has officially released the first photo for the story of Phiona Mutesi and Robert Katende, “The Queen of Katwe,” and it is scheduled to open in the fall. The movie will star Lupita Nyong’o, David Oyelowo and newcomer, Madina Nalwanga.