June 2017


“For the times they are a-changin’,” from the chorus of a 1960s Bob Dylan song, are heralding a new role for Sports Outreach president, Rodney Suddith. In his letter to the Sports Outreach Board of Directors, board chairman, Cliff Lundberg, writes “Rodney Suddith will be moving to a less than full-time role with Sports Outreach and will serve as Community Outreach Director. Rodney has been the heart and soul of Sports Outreach for many years and has, with God’s blessing, overseen great growth in the scope, reach and effectiveness of the ministry.” 

Since joining Sports Outreach in 2005 Rodney has been instrumental in guiding the organization from its singular focus of sports ministry in Uganda to a multi-faceted entity working in six countries. As president, Rodney has witnessed transition from the departure of founder, Russ Carr; formation of the Lynchburg Community Ministry; and expansion into parts of Latin America. He has also overseen multiplication of the Africa ministry—from its roots in Kampala to construction of the Good News Community Center at the Koro farm (near Gulu in Northern Uganda); digging of village wells; Mukuru Slum programs in Nairobi, Kenya; and of course, the explosion of the chess ministry through the “Queen of Katwe” book and movie. Sal Ferlise, now the CEO of Sports Outreach, was also mentored by Rodney and has gained a wealth of historical knowledge and experience through shared ministry.

Borrowing again from Cliff’s letter to the board, “Thank you Rodney! It has been a privilege toiling in the vineyards with you as president and I’m [we are] thankful to have your continued involvement in the important work of Sports Outreach.” 


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