George Caylor, Financial Advisor at Mass Mutual Financial Group

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people He choose for His inheritance,” Psalms 33:12

Sports Outreach Institute has had its share of rich stories and characters that make up its unique ministry history. With support for SOI growing, It is important to remember those whose support has been ongoing throughout the years. Board member George Caylor is one such supporter, serving and supporting SOI for more than 20 years.

Caylor is a financial advisor and money manager at MassMutual Financial Group. Caylor first came into contact with SOI when he became close friends with founder Russ Carr in 1989.

Since then, Caylor has been an avid prayer partner and promoter of SOI. According to Caylor, although he works with a variety of Lynchburg charities, he believes that “SOI does more per one dollar spent than any organization I am aware of.”

Although he is not heavily involved in SOI’s service in Lynchburg, Caylor believes SOI’s work to be unique, and that their work should have stronger promotion locally.

“Our inner cities suffer from what many inner cities suffer: breakdown of the family unit,” Caylor said.

It is apparent that Caylor’s support for SOI’s work is more than just talk, but rather, a deeply held conviction rooted in his faith.

“We are bringing God’s love to folks who are trapped in desperate poverty, disease, hopelessness. Our feeding programs, youth sports, self-sufficiency and education programs, and the message of God’s Salvation are making a huge difference where there was no hope before,” Caylor said.

Caylor’s work and activities span more than his position at MassMutual and SOI. For nearly 20 years Caylor has served as a talk radio host for his own program called “Tea Time”, which promotes returning America to Christian values.

His endeavors even include playing in a touring and recording rock band, which he ended in 1972 in favor of a more traditional living, according to Caylor’s website autobiography.

Caylor is currently a grandfather with strong ties to family, hailing from an ancestral dairy farm in Pennsylvania. He is a firm believer in foundational Christian values for the United States.