“A chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and life is after all a chain.”

William James (1842-1910)

bashir-ksfphYou may never have thought much about life being a chain before, but when you start thinking about it, there is more than one way in which it is.  There is the physical chain of creation in which God created people and we have been being fruitful and multiplying ever since.  There is the spiritual chain of Christianity in which Christ came and made disciples and those disciples passed on what they learned and so on to the present day.  A chain can also describe our ministry as Sports Outreach staff gears up to reach out to marginalized and destitute people during the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  Poor people are identified, invitations to a party are given, food is shared, the Gospel is presented, Jesus draws people to Himself, and God gets the glory!

You are a part of this awesome chain, linking in somewhere between the “invitations to a party” and “food is shared” and again, between “the Gospel is presented” and “Jesus draws people to Himself.”  Through the blessing of sharing your financial resources and through the faithfulness of God to answer the prayers of His people, the chain is linked from America to Africa to El Salvador to Mexico.  This year, donations marked for “Christmas Outreach” will help provide for slum Christmas parties that include a variety of foods accompanied by a cake, games, music, and the Christmas Story. No amount is too small and together we can provide the final link in the chain—giving God glory for His provision, power, and love.

     Jjuuko Bashir, SOM staff at Bwaise Slum writes, “We are so thankful for SOM, SOI, and our dear friends for your support and prayers. We don’t know whether we would have managed if you hadn’t stood with us and all the visitors who visited us. Thank you for speaking into the lives of the children; the hugs, the smiles and the care you gave them. May God bless you all!  

Donate to the 2016 Christmas Fund

Logo_stackedThank you to so many who have come out in support of Queen of Katwe either through reading the book, sharing links, or seeing the movie!  We look forward to God getting much glory as the movie is shown in theaters in the coming month.