Well, well, well, where to start? First off I’d like to thank every one of my supporters; whether it be through prayer, financial support, or encouragement this trip isn’t possible without all of your help!

            I left the Sacramento International Airport with just a glimpse of what I was getting myself into. Arriving in Acapulco I found a set of arms spread wide to welcome me into what would turn into my home away from home in Ometepec, Mexico.

            The first thing that became quickly apparent to me is how perfectly God planned and prepared this road that I walk. To start off, I fit in so well with the Wood family it’s hard to believe; this became even more apparent when their kids, Andy and Susi, came home to visit for the holidays. This has helped make my transition nearly seamless, besides obvious language struggles. The next realization pertains to my “gifts” which I feel are sports, school, and human interactions. Each and every one of them I am using in the fields in which I work; I am helping out as a teachers assistant in the school, helping Tim with the soccer Maranatha program, and reaching out and building relationships in both the church and community. I have also had a lot of opportunities to use tools which I attained through my work with APU Mexico Outreach. Whether it be helping with Sunday School songs, ministering in Arenal (a place very similar to Mexicali), or visiting the prisoners, I have had experience in all of these through the trips with APU. I could go on and on in the ways that God has been preparing me for this mission field before I even made the decision to follow Christ.

            I have also been affirmed that the mission field is wherever God has you in His Kingdom. I think often times as Christians we glorify “the mission field” and “missionaries” and fail to realize that the work that God has for you is just as important as the work he has for the person living in China, or Africa, or Mexico. A lot of the work that I am doing down here in Mexico is the same thing that I experienced with my Rock Harbor Church family at home. The Huerto is like my college group where we get together and play some games, dive into God’s word, then maybe get some food (aka tacos while I’m in Mexico). As a group, outside of organized Church activities, it’s all about living life together. Whether it be spontaneous times where we’ll get together and get something to eat or a game night where we can enjoy some fellowship and laugh and enjoy life together. The Christian life isn’t a boring one, in fact it’s far from it being the most freeing and joyful state of being, resting in the promises that God has given us.

            On a different note, I have had some unique and enjoyable experiences in the last few months. I tried tacos de tripa (intestines), was present during their celebration of “the Day of the Dead”, got to experience their independence day parades (the 20th of November), I attended a slightly less traditional wedding, participated in a Quinceañera, celebrated Christmas with the school program, church program, and the Wood Family, and finally got to attend their winter beach youth camp called “La Lagunita”. The most fruitful experience has been getting to know everyone in the community. I have learned a lot from each and every one of them, and improved my Spanish along the way! I have seen God at work in some pretty amazing ways, and I can’t wait to see where he guides me in the second part of my adventure in Ometepec!

            If you would like to read more about what I have been doing with Tim and Barb in Ometepec, check out my blog where I keep a more detailed account of where God is at work. You can find it by clicking here,  www.nathanloveblog.wordpress.com.





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