December 2019

Imagine your firstborn child being swallowed by a python at the age of seven. Then imagine giving birth to nine children fathered by mostly different men. This heartache and disappointment casted a shadow over Suzan’s life, but ultimately she made the decision to raise her children on her own. Some of her youngsters found their way to programs facilitated by the Sports Outreach Ministry (SOM) team at the Sports Outreach Resource Center (SORC), located on the outskirts of Kampala, Uganda. Suzan was living as a caretaker for a landowner, but when the landowner decided to sell a portion of the land (including where she had been growing crops for her family), she was left with just her small house and very little land.
Enter Hope College, who sent their second outreach team to Uganda this past August. While doing home visits with the SORC team, they reached Suzan’s house, and the entire team was so touched by her story that they scraped together $309 to give to the family. A day was set for Suzan to visit the SORC and upon assessing her needs, they discussed how she could best use the money. The plan included renting three acres of land to grow crops on for a year and establishing a small piggery.

Life just keeps getting better for Suzan and her family, as Pastor Simon form the SORC reports that “Suzan surrendered her life to Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and we later prayed for her to be strengthened in the Lord!”

Suzan’s story provides a snapshot of many of the issues and challenges faced by people that Sports Outreach staff interact with on a daily basis. The supporting partnership which you provide is what allows staff members to meet their many needs. To provide some scope, consider that in 2019 alone the Kampala staff served 65,009 people, ministering to their spiritual and practical needs. Thousands more people were directly impacted through Sports Outreach programs in places like Gulu, Uganda (14,285), Kenya (3,763), and El Salvador (802).  Ministry opportunities abound in the U.S. (1,589) and Mexico (1,791) too, with more being added each year.

On a human level, our lives can look very similar to Suzan and her family. Thankfully we do not have the daily possibility of children being swallowed by pythons, but we do face physical, economic, and spiritual challenges.  Our response to these challenges is the key. It is the prayer of Sports Outreach staff members all around the world, that people respond as Suzan did by accepting God’s offer of salvation through Jesus Christ. Thank you for the many ways that you have come alongside Sports Outreach and during this Christmas season please consider giving a financial gift so that others can have an opportunity to experience the eternal peace of God.  “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” – Matthew 25:40

The Sports Outreach Ministry Team

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