April 2018




“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor.”  Isaiah 61:3b

In 2013, following Hurricane Manuel, flood waters ravaged several communities in Mexico, near where Tim and Barb Wood live, including El Arenal. Water and clothing were handed out and the Gospel shared with many. Today, the Woods meet regularly with a group of people who accepted the Lord during this crisis moment.

Fleeing to Uganda, due to the civil war in South Sudan, people find safety in a refugee camp near Uganda’s northern border. Prayer and outreach amongst them has led to the formation of a new church.


The above summaries illustrate Sports Outreach’s philosophy in regards to church planting, which is “to act as an extension of the body of Christ—both locally and globally.” Since the early days of community restoration, Sports Outreach has sought to partner with the local church in order to address emotional, practical, and spiritual needs. Unfortunately, a thriving, local church is not always available, which is why, under the leadership of Pastor Aloysius Kyazze, 14 churches have recently been planted in northern Uganda. As we plant churches, we strive for sustainability and empowerment through training in agricultural practices and entrepreneurial leadership. The SEED (Sustainable Education and Entrepreneur Development) initiative is one such model, shown to bring strength to either a church plant or an existing church. As economic empowerment of individuals grows, this simultaneously leads to sustainable community transformation, both practically and spiritually!!! “SEED” was launched in 2015, in partnership with Brentwood Community Church (Forest, VA), and now, other churches are adopting this approach as a way to bring lasting change, and thus, restoring hope to depressed communities. To learn more about church planting visit our International Church Planting page or to give financially, please visit the donate link in the menu bar. Through your involvement, people will have an opportunity to grow in the Lord through discipleship, to serve in a church body, to strengthen their economic situation, and in turn, reach out to others.

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