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Sports Outreach started with a ball, one small simple tool that allowed us to go and share the Gospel no matter the language or the culture differences. Sports has proven to be one of the most effective relationship building tools for the growth of the Gospel. Simply sharing the game together, whether playing or coaching, quickly breaks down barriers and establishes lasting friendships.
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The Chess Academy and Mentoring Center began fifteen years ago in Kampala, Uganda when SOM soccer coach, Robert Katende, noticed children watching from the sidelines of soccer matches he had organized. “I very much wanted to build relationships with the children who were not part of soccer so that I could influence them for the better. I picked the chess set I had right from college and started the chess sessions.”
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It is the passion of Sports Outreach to introduce people to Jesus and walk alongside them as they get to know Him better. Sports Outreach follows a relational ministry model in which one on one mentoring as well as group discipleship is emphasized. It is a priority that all staff, interns, volunteers and all those we serve grow towards maturity in Christ.
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EmpowerMe Child Sponsorship

Providing education sometimes is just not enough, the sponsorship program enables a donor to connect to a child and enhance their entire development experience. We have been called to equip the next generation of Christian leaders by creating an environment of empowerment and discipleship.
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Sports Outreach provides scholarships as well as operates schools to provide education for children and young adults who would otherwise never have the opportunity to go to school. The Andrew Popp Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 2005. From its beginning over a decade ago, the fund has been able to assist thousands of children to receive education in Africa and Latin America.
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The SEED Fund

Our families are creating a fund for the families in northern Uganda to start farming and create a sustainable life for their families. Through Pastor Aloysius Kyazze, 35 deserving families have been selected and are currently going through financial and agricultural education. These families are not seeking a donation, but rather an investment to plant two acres of corn each that will in turn provide food security, a source of income, the ability to payback the investment and the opportunity to pay forward first generation seeds to other impoverished families.
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Feeding and Clean Water

The communities in which Sports Outreach works have neither reliable nor consistent sources of clean water and food on a daily basis and relieving hunger must begin with access to clean water. Sports Outreach constructs new water wells in East Africa through partnerships with churches and families in America. Shared by an entire village, a well becomes the foundation for the transformation of that community. In Uganda and Kenya our ministry staff prepares and serves warm and nutritious meals every day to over 2,400 children. The cost for one of these meals is approximately $0.30. During mealtime, the staff is able to teach the children about Christ, share biblical principles and provide counsel to those who have special needs.
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Special Project: Piggery

Through the Sports Outreach Ministry Team, at our Koro Farm in Northern Uganda, we regularly identify deserving families who go through financial and animal husbandry education. These families are among the poorest and most under-served people in the world. Yet they are not asking for a donation that will be expended resulting in no lasting […]
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Public Health

Sports Outreach utilizes public health as one of the major outreach projects; the health education information is supplied through training and resource materials to provide local leaders with an instrument for bolstering resources in their community.
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International Church Planting

Sports Outreach realized early in the community restoration process that at the center of our approach was the need for healthy churches to be established. As a result, Sports Outreach, through the leadership and direction of Pastor Aloysius Kyazze, helped to establish New Foundations Community Ministry in Northern Uganda, with the purpose of planting healthy churches.
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Creating a sustainable income for the families in the communities in which we serve has become not only a hugely beneficial project, but also one that now is for the young and old.The goal is to empower these individuals as they learn their new trade.
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Women’s Empowerment

Sports Outreach began reaching out to marginalized communities through sports ministry. During our time in Gulu, Africa we met a few young women and got to know them personally. We heard their stories and soon realized the challenges they face and the importance of their leadership roles within their small communities. We’ve decided to STEP OFF of the playing field and into the lives of those who desire direction, guidance and encouragement to fill the roles they are tasked with performing.
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Big World Project India Initiative

Through a seamless collaboration with Big World Project, Sports Outreach will serve in India. We will complement existing ministry activities by implementing sports ministry within orphan homes and bible colleges currently being served.  Founded in 2013 out of a deep desire to manifest the love of Jesus to those oppressed by extreme poverty, Big World Project has […]
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