The relationship between International Churches and Sports Outreach

new-foundation-logoThe impact and importance of local church engagement for new and long-term believers is invaluable. Sports Outreach is a parachurch organization — Christian faith-based and working outside the church and across denominations to engage in social welfare and evangelism. As a ministry (not a church), we have embraced the approach of utilizing an independent, indigenous church method of leadership to help further disciple and mentor communities. In 2015, Sports Outreach commissioned Pastor Aloysius Kyazze to engage in church development efforts in Northern Uganda through New Foundations Community Ministry (NFCM), our church planting partner in Uganda.

The ultimate vision of NFCM is to lead people to Jesus Christ. The team of over 10 staff and volunteers reach that vision by evangelizing to unreached places, identifying and training leaders in church discipleship, and empowering church members in economic activities.

Ministry programs include
New Foundations Community Ministry Church in Northern Uganda!


Brentwood Church’s 5-year engagement developing long-term sustainability and life-long impact with NFMC Pugwini Village church plant
This the story of our 6-year journey with the village of Pugwini in Ululu, Uganda.
Separate Groups with One Mission

Being a ministry and not a church, Sports Outreach, recognizes that a church needs to be independent and accountable to God and the local body of believers. As such we embraced the approach of utilizing an independent, indigenous church method of leadership. 

If you would like to come alongside NFCM through Sports Outreach as we partner together to further God’s kingdom via international church planting, please reach out to us today. Your support will help NFCM plant 4 churches a year similar to the Pugwini Village church plant, support staff to serve alongside church leaders, and support quarterly crusades and youth outreaches!

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