For Sports Outreach, feeding is just as important as clean sources of water. The communities where we serve have neither reliable nor consistent sources of clean water and food on a daily basis.


In Kenya and Uganda (Gulu and Kampala), our ministry staff prepares and serves warm and nutritious meals every day to over 2,400 children. The cost for one of these meals is approximately $0.30. During mealtime, the staff is able to teach the children about Christ, share biblical principles and provide counsel to those who have special needs. In some cases, the meal Sports Outreach provides is the only food a child will have in a day.

Homelife Challenges

  • Orphaned
  • Homeless
  • In the care of Grandparent or other relatives
  • Single parent family
  • Fatherless home
  • The child is the result of teen pregnancy and Mom is unable or needs assistance providing for the child
  • Young girls kicked out and told to find a man to care for them because their families cannot or won’t

For $1.00 a day you can feed 3 children, and your recurring monthly gift can feed many more!

Feed a child today!

Giving Hope One Meal at a Time


Sports Outreach constructs new water wells in Northern Uganda through partnerships with churches and families in America. Shared by an entire village, a well becomes the foundation for the transformation of that community!

Transformational Story:  Anna Wright’s Memorial Well

Anna Wright died in a car accident on July 7th, 2010, prior to her graduation at the University of Lynchburg. She was on the women’s soccer team, a bright student, a cherished daughter, and loved God. In her memory, Anna’s parents Darell and Nancy Wright sponsored a 5k run to build a well at Sports Outreach’s ministry site Koro Farm in Gulu, Uganda. Additional funds were raised from other University of Lynchburg related fundraisers, upgrading the well to a super well.

Each year since the well was built in 2011, the family has sponsored a 5k race to support SOI Gulu area water projects, and to perform maintenance on all existing water wells as needed.

Koro Preschoolers Surrounding the Anna Wright Memorial Well

– In loving memory of Anna Wright –

June 2nd, 1989 – July 7th, 2010

Sustainability and Duplication

Sustainability is crucial to provide consistent meals to communities. Sports Outreach has a 42-acre ministry center in Gulu, Uganda. The Good News Community Center (GNCC) at Koro Farm has become a model of sustainability and has served as the catalyst for our spiritual and economic model we refer to as SEED. Sports Outreach is replicating this model at the Sports Outreach Resource Center outside of Kampala, Uganda.


Koro Farm

The GNCC at Koro Farm in Gulu, Uganda provides agricultural and animal husbandry training to hundreds of individuals each year.

Sports Outreach Resource Center

The Sports Outreach Resource Center (SORC) serves many functions to the community and slums in and surrounding Kampala, Uganda. One key component to sustainable food programs are the agricultural plots throughout the SORC complex. These plots are used to grow various fruits and vegetables year round. The harvested food is used to feed SORC staff, children staying on site, and children we serve in the slums.

The SORC also supplies water to hundreds of families surrounding the center. During the drought season when many families cannot find clean water sources they depend solely on the ministry center. Knowing that clean water would be an ongoing need, Sports Outreach constructed the largest water tower in the region.


If you would like to learn more about our feeding and clean water initiatives, how to get involved, take a mission trip to the area, or have knowledge in farming or animal husbandry that you could share, contact us today and let’s see how we can partner together!

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