Through the Sports Outreach Ministry Team, at our Koro Farm in Northern Uganda, we regularly identify deserving families who go through financial and animal husbandry education. These families are among the poorest and most under-served people in the world. Yet they are not asking for a donation that will be expended resulting in no lasting change, instead, they are simply seeking the resources necessary to build a piggery that will provide sustainable benefits.

Your investment in the construction of a piggery as well as the placement of one young pig will provide:

  • Food security for their family
  • A source of income (roughly $300 – $400 per year after expenses) Money used for healthcare, education, and savings
  • The opportunity to pay forward a portion of the first generation offspring to other impoverished families. (Once the family has their first litter, half of that litter will be returned to Sports Outreach to be used to help other under-served families
What is the history of this project?

In the last 10 years, 175 families have directly benefited from the Piggery Project. From their return (half of the first litter) an additional 725 families in their communities have benefited. As a result, it is estimated that:

  • Over 4,500 children that were not in school before the program are now attending school.
  • These family member as are less dependent on health care donation services.
  • In each community, the quality of health care, sanitation, and economic stability have also shown dramatic improvement.
  • Individuals and communities now better appreciate the values of care, compassion, humility, thankfulness, honesty, hard work and faithfulness.

To empower another impoverished family and bless a community, please contact us.

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