The beauty of the SEED program

The SEED program began as a result of a serious and important philosophical shift with the leadership mindset and heart of Sports Outreach. Simply put, the objective is to bring personal and community transformation by paring church planting/strengthening and discipleship with relevant and practical economic empowerment. All of this being done with an approach that: invests in relationship building coupled with initial granting of resources, with the condition that these resources be paid forward by recipients at the appropriate time. The current working example that has been in place for almost 2 years has been proven to work. Currently, we have 22 communities that are undergoing some level of sustainable and positive transformation. Fourteen churches have been planted or strengthened, 15 SEED cooperative groups have been created and are functioning according to the prescribed model and, as of the last report for the 2017 year end, 194 individuals have been participants in the program. (All statistic provided by Aloysius Kyasse.) Many have seen their personal income increase substantially!  An approximate change of $1.00 per day to $3.00 per day is the average result for participants. This does not include a livestock bundle project that we used last year to introduce piggery, goat rearing, and dairy cattle keeping to some families and individual youth, using the same SEED model.

Now the hidden pearl of this approach and the ultimate goal is for Sports Outreach to have an active role in creating individuals that return their “First Fruits” back to the Lord’s work on this earth.  This is a foreign concept to many Christians in the areas in which Sports Outreach is called to serve. We are seeing some progress but this is a not something that happens overnight! Fortunately, Sports Outreach applies a long-term perspective to missions/outreach and we feel blessed to be on the forefront of this approach of restoring hope and transforming lives practically and spiritually with the end result of lives empowered on earth and souls glorifying God eternally!

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