April 2017
“Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles”

-Phil. 4:14-

Dear friends,

As we prepare to celebrate Easter let us reflect on how Christ modeled the way we should live our lives in a community. God never intended for us to live life alone. And that is one reason Sports Outreach strives to Transform Lives and Restore Hope through the establishment of strong, caring, and supportive communities.

Far from the self-interested isolation of private lives, the biblical ideal of Christian community challenges us to commit ourselves to live together as the people of God. Quite simply, this type of community makes the Gospel a lived reality, and strengthens us for the challenges that we all face. It conveys God’s life and power to the world at large, and, in order to have true spiritual growth, it is necessary. If we imagine that as Christians and humans, we can live in total independence and self-sufficiency, we are deluding ourselves. God, from the beginning, never intended that we should go through the world “alone.” We simply cannot experience fully the power and delight of life without being drawn into life together with our sisters and brothers in Christ.

We know that becoming spiritually strong and mature takes time, but we know less well that it also takes others. It’s a process that is revealed in the “each other” language of the New Testament: love one another, forgive each other, regard each other more highly than yourselves, teach and correct each other, 

encourage each other, pray for each other, and bear each other’s burdens, be friends with one another, hospitable to one another, serve one another. This list just scratches the surface, but it is enough to remind us that we need the community of faith to grow up in Christ.

Though some may fear community because it involves vulnerability, it should instead, be welcomed. The reward is to enjoy life as God intended, “striving together as one for the faith of the Gospel.” (Phil. 1:27) How can we balk at an offer like that?

Your friends and co-workers in Sports Outreach are building strong, healthy communities under difficult and challenging circumstances. Will you please continue to pray, encourage and if possible, financially support these efforts? May you have a blessed Resurrection Day!


Grace and peace, 

The Sports Outreach Ministry Team

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