The Sports Outreach Statement of Purpose for Vision Trips includes the phrase “We will request Vision Trip participants to learn, support and be encouraged by our staff and the ministry.” As you read quotes from some of this year’s trip takers you can see that this purpose is being fulfilled.

“I think this trip was an invitation to join Him. Is it too large a task for God to restore orphans, victims and widows into thriving citizens? No. Is it impossible to imagine that God would use us to participate in this task? Nope. What a gift! The opportunity to plant seeds, literal and eternal, that yield a guaranteed harvest of hope, grace, peace and unity. I went to Africa to find and help poor people. Instead I found impoverished people who helped me.” – Adrian Parker (Uganda, Summer 2015)

I hope you will be encouraged as you review the Vision Trips Facts 2015 box below. Each vision trip led by Sports Outreach lives out its statement of purpose insuring that all participants: (1) Empower indigenous people that we go to serve. (2) Connect the dots through helping participants understand the “why” and the “what” Sports Outreach is doing locally and globally. (3) Commune with God in a deeper and more personal relationship. (4) Refrain from creating more work for our staff as we purpose to encourage and serve alongside them.

This is a special thanks from the entire Sports Outreach staff to all who were part of a Vision Trip this year and to those who supported the trips with prayer and finances. Your involvement accomplished much by moving the work forward through medical training, construction, evangelistic crusades, spiritual mentoring, sports tournaments, Bible teaching, trauma counseling, pastoral training, educational consultation, and great fellowship!

“God showed me that walking alongside goes a long way. I cannot even put into words what I actually learned and took away from this trip. It is deeper than any words I have, much bigger than myself, and part of a beautiful plan that started way before me and will continue way after me.” – Tori Dott (Lynchburg College Uganda Trip, May 2015)

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Rodney L. Suddith, President