Ministry Overview

The “Good News Football Club” (GNFC) is a group of highly trained young men who are committed to bringing hope into five major slums in Kampala each day.  Using soccer and chess as platforms to build relationships and enter unreached communities, these men have spread the Gospel message to thousands of people in need. Their ministry is to the poorest of the poor, street children, HIV+ mothers, and those who have lost hope.

The GNFC and the Sports Outreach Uganda staff operate out of offices located at the Sports Outreach Resource Center (SORC). In 2013 land was purchased and work was started on the Center to serve as the future hub of all Sports Outreach Kampala.

The new Sports Outreach Resource Center is a Capital Campaign that we believe is essential to strengthening and expanding our programs and will serve as the hub, model, and training center for all activities in Uganda and Kenya.  It will have an impact locally, regionally and globally as the Center will be a model to deliver sports ministry and alleviate human suffering.


We are $780,000 away from completing the Center. Would you consider making a contribution? 



Eight Children’s Homes and Play Areas – Four Girls and Four Boys [5 homes completed]

Primary School – Grades K-7

Vocational School Centers

Public Health Clinic

Chapel/Dining Hall [completed]

Chess Academy and Mentoring Center [completed]

Sports Ministry Complex – soccer fields and basketball court [in progress]

Administration Center

The Alain and Kathy Clenet Guest Center

Help us finish the SORC!

Complex Map

Completed structures

The Chapel/Dining Hall


The Chess Academy


The Back of the SORC Complex


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