El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest and most densely populated country in Central America. In 1980 a horrific civil war broke out which lasted until 1992. This was the third longest civil war in Latin America’s history resulting in over 75,000 people being killed. It left the country economically, educationally, spiritually and emotionally wounded and traumatized.

Today El Salvador experiences some of the highest murder rates in Latin America; it is also considered an epicenter of gang activity throughout the world. In response to this the government has set up countless programs to try and guide youth away from gang membership; so far its efforts have not succeeded. Sports Outreach believes that Christian discipleship and empowerment opportunities for individuals are the only way to change this!

How can we help to restore this society?  Through sharing the Gospel and implementing Sports Outreach ministry projects we believe human suffering can be alleviated in El Salvador.

San Marcos, Honduras Outreach:

Every other month the Sports Outreach staff steps over the border and into the lives of hundreds of young students in the community of San Marcos. Sports Outreach lives by the sports ministry model of hope and transformation in each ministry site where we serve. Sports Outreach trained and equipped a local coach to lead a weekly soccer academy. As of May 2019, we celebrate 1 year of local soccer outreach in Honduras!